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Martin Chant 

M.Arch Registered Architect

Martin Chant is a Registered Architect with a passion for the building sciences and innovative design and construction solutions. Concrete construction has been a constant theme in Martin’s design work, with Insitu concrete favoured due to both its structural and textural qualities, and as a primary material for high-performance buildings and projects in locations that are subject to severe natural conditions.

Martin holds a postgraduate research Master of Architecture degree from the University of Auckland. The research explored the sustainability, sustainable construction and resilience characteristics of EPS moulded concrete for residential construction, and expands on considerable expertise and experience in this method of construction within design practice. Location in the post-earthquake disaster environment of Christchurch, New Zealand provides a rich context for observing failed pre-quake design, building and development strategies, and the opportunity to design, develop and test advanced new methods of concrete residential construction.

Martin's Architectural Practice - Architects S.PA - can be visited at

Meredith Dobson

B.Des, B.Sc (psych) Interior Designer

Meredith Dobson holds degrees in Psychology and Design, and is an interior designer experienced in all forms of interior work. Meredith's particular interest is in the field of Place Science; a branch of Environmental Psychology, where the disciplines of Psychology and Design merge. Design is investigated over a wider range and at a deeper emotional and human level, and challenges the notion of 'space' with a more personal concept of 'place'. Buildings designed with the emotional characteristics of the end user as an important primary driver is a key factor influencing better conceptual development work.

A sense of place is proving an important factor in post-disaster residential environments and contributes an emotional and intrinsically human dimension to Sustainable Urban Resilience design objectives, particularly when making connections between built form and the surrounding natural environment.

Consulting Services

SURI can provide a range of consulting and advisory services for Building Industry and Product sectors, Policy Makers, Legislators, Building Developers and others with interests in the construction and development of the future built environment.

The Sustainable Urban Resilience Initiative - SURI is a Design-Based Research & Development studio. The SURI Project is developing new ways to design and build the next-generation low-medium density urban residential environment with a range of innovative and optimised EPS formed Concrete solutions that authentically deliver unmatched durability, performance, environmental and liveability standards.


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