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Concrete - 
Unlocking the Future of 
High Performance Housing

Believe it or not, concrete is one the most advanced, high-technology, green building materials on the planet. Concrete is also one of the most natural construction materials available. Made from rock, limestone, sand and water, each of these elements are naturally occurring, abundant and ecologically inert. Mixed together in specific proportions and carefully moulded, they can readily create spectacularly robust structures and beautiful architectural forms. 

Over its more than two thousand years of use, concrete has consistently undergone analysis, knowledgebase development, product improvement, and aesthetic enhancement. This does not stop, and in the 21st century, concrete continues to be the subject of intense research and product development to optimise and expanded its potential.

While its use in residential buildings is already significant with an estimated 70% of humans across the world living in concrete structures, the use of reinforced concrete for low-density individual housing in many countries is remarkably low.

Concrete used in residential building can be remarkably effective. Properly designed and constructed, it can readily deliver the ultimate in comfort, safety, energy efficiency and healthy living environments. Together with its ability to challenge any other material for authentic ecological credentials, concrete can be considered the optimum material for unlocking the future of true high-performance housing. Concretes inherent characteristics of structural strength, flexibility, and its considerable thermal mass merged in the right way are a formidable combination for high performing housing.

Concrete is at the centre of The SURI Project research in combination with a number of existing and new Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) ICF technologies. The SURI Project is expanding the potential of this type of insulated concrete construction by integrating a wide range of additional components to deliver a ground breaking and optimised approach to the design and construction of higher performing housing.

Our MAXMASS approach leverages the power of Design for Sustainable Construction, Materials Flow Analysis, Resilience Thinking, Building Information Modelling and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) to deliver a unique and what we believe is an unbeatable solution for next-generation residential development.

Learn more about what Concrete and EPS can deliver.