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MAXMASS™ Attributes

Key Attributes are:



As a Design and Construction philosophy, MAXMASS embodies Modern Methods of Construction that:

  • Eliminates fragile and vulnerable construction materials and structural connections
  • Delivers super-insulated and passively temperature moderated internal spaces to houses
  • Delivers efficient construction methods embodying the best Sustainable Construction objectives
  • Delivers Ecologically Sustainable outcomes by engaging latest Resilience Theory approaches
  • Delivers an inert, non-toxic, healthy buildings and living environments
  • Delivers built-in structural and engineered resilience through performance-based design
  • Provides resilience to natural fire, flood, moisture, insect, cyclone and earthquake threats
  • Delivers multi-generational durability of housing on both a practical and economic basis
  • Offers adaptive capacity and adaptive re-use capability to housing
  • Provides a planned and simple maintenance methodology to extend building life
  • Virtually eliminates building construction and demolition waste
  • Has potential total recyclability at end-of-life
  • Provides a flexible material and component based system for design flexibility
  • Combines the best aspects of pre-fabrication and site-building in an efficient package
  • Allows equitable human resource entry and participation in the construction industry
  • Is designed to satisfy all aspects of sustainable development objectives
  • Is designed from the bottom-up as a Sustainable Resilient solution for future housing 

As a Comprehensive Construction Methodology and System, MAXMASS:

  • Totally eliminates timber as a construction and structural material
  • Provides an alternative type of pre-fabrication program for construction efficiency
  • Utilises simplified site-assembly techniques 
  • Requires few tools and limited construction equipment
  • Leverages a scalable concrete industry and open-ended concrete technologies
  • Provides open-ended product and systems development 
  • Is accessible to greater numbers of potential construction personnel and a wider labour pool
  • Requires a narrower range of skill sets, specific skills are easily taught
  • Enables equitable employment opportunities
  • Reduces site and workplace health & safety risks
  • Consists of predominantly lightweight components that are easily assembled and manipulated
  • Is easily shipped/transported to site on a local, regional and international basis
  • Provides tighter project management programming and potentially better profit/price-point
  • Facilitates tighter project pricing and price forecasting
  • Provides a reliable finished product reducing potential liabilities
  • Allows for accuracy from design documentation to delivered components to assembly