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About SURI Project

Why SURI ?

Eco-Resilience Thinking

Sensible Design

Waste Elimination

Housing Performance

The SURI Project is the work of a professional Architectural team that by coincidence have been located in multiple disaster environments including extreme floods, cyclones, bushfires and devastating earthquakes. The work is an extensive technical research, design and development response to observations and empirical data gathered on location, during events, immediately post-event and over the periods of uncertainty and confusion that exist when recovery and reconstruction strategies are formulated. This work is dedicated to establishing better future building solutions.

The SURI Project intro

A Breakthrough Research and Development Project for Next-Generation Resilient High-Performance Housing.

Implementing knowledge gained from natural disaster events as a catalyst for Change.

Extreme Natural Events destroy homes, and communities. These events are not only possible in any some time they will arrive when least expected. 

When the dust settles and recovery is contemplated, the two most important questions should be: 

What do we rebuild? 

How do we do it better?

Post-Disaster environments are valuable moments in time to study why buildings failed, and then imagine what can be built in their place.

Instead of repeating historically questionable building practices which typically occurs, why not take the opportunity to use the information gained as a catalyst, to inspire change, test new paradigms, apply new knowledge, and develop comprehensively better solutions for both safer and higher quality urban environments and future living?

Maybe a Shift in thinking is needed for a Better Futureā€¦ 

  • What if new housing Design and Construction actually concentrated on raising the standards for such things as Human Comfort, Health and Liveability, Ecological Balance, Construction Efficiency as well as Disaster Risk Reduction?
  • What if this utilised new best-practice solutions to achieve comprehensively better outcomes for people, the community, Industry and Economy?
  • What if all new housing built to accomodate the increasing demands of urbanisation and growth met these objectives?

These are our goals.

Why Us?

From our first-hand experiences of disaster environments as Architects, The SURI Project evolved as a response to the many forms of damage and destruction typically left behind. On-location analysis has provided a unique opportunity to not only examine the damage, but also how the application of ideas such as Disaster Risk Mitigation through Architecture and Design, and ecologically-based Resilience Thinking can intellectually drive significantly better future building solutions. 

Our research activities in post-disaster environments also covered a vast range of peripheral subjects related to rebuilding. These deal with such things as ecological and environmental impacts and benefits, sustainability and sustainable development movements and criteria, human resources and behavioral patterns, economics, the politics of the building and construction industries, and government regulation and insurance sectors, and how they all relate to building the urban residential environment.

We have considerable expertise and experience in the use of ICF formed insitu concrete structure for housing and have achieved consistently positive results. Through this experience and our in-depth research activities we have identified that this method of construction is pefectly positioned to provide a basis for achieving a new paradigm in future house design and construction that can authentically deliver to the level demaded by our goals.

The specific SURI Project Research and Design activities are focussed on designing, developing and introducing an evolutionary and advanced approach to ICF and concrete construction as an optimum alternative solution for achieving true High-Performance, Sustainable and Resilient Next-Generation Housing.

The SURI Project is unique in that no other similar study has ever been carried out that comprehensively examines all aspects of this method of construction from an entirely holistic position in a single study from material source to built-form and beyond, from theory to a completed data-gathering Research House that will also function as a base for ongoing SURI research activities.

Read further to learn more about The SURI Project, the discoveries, what we consider important factors, a few alternative ways of thinking, and how these new approaches to building can provide abundant opportunities to contribute to a dramatically better, healthier and more resilient future urban environment.