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SURI Consulting Services

The extensive research and analysis SURI has undertaken of built environment development within a Sustainability and Resilience framework, has provided unique insights into how alternative thinking can positively influence future directions. With SURI based in a post seismic-disaster region, the location provides unique insights into what residential building failure is; why it happened; and what is needed as future replacement. This is in addition to direct experience of fire, wind and flood disasters that has reinforced the necessity to re-think the objectives and processes of building.

New building and urban development following disaster events demand better quality solutions that would seldom be considered important in a stable environment. Since these events require rejection of many past activities and demand a new perspective for the future, opportunities emerge to frame design thinking across much wider subject boundaries and beyond the particular disaster environment. This means not only exploring better ways of developing future disaster resilient built environments, but also setting new future building and living standards that can be just as relevant and applicable in any location.

Our Research and development work is aligned with wide-ranging international academic and industry research that is dedicated on one side to theory and the other to building products, systems and resources. In the middle of these is design and this is where SURI functions as a linking entity. As a built environment initiative, SURI is dedicated to actively influencing positive change in the way we design and build and developing new solutions.

While we are directly involved in development of new ways to construct technically better buildings, we are also interested in the natural context from where materials are sourced, the underlying ecological environment into which buildings are introduced, and how positive future outcomes can be achieved. When considered alongside the impacts of population growth, migration, urbanisation, and the need for urban and community resilience with associated economic and industrial implcations, the range of SURI’s work in next-generation high-performance housing is necessary, timely and a distinct opportunity.

With our unique insights, SURI can be engaged to provide a range of inputs and services for policy makers and legislators, building industry sectors, land and building developers and public groups. SURI can also assist with developing urban resilience strategies and alternative ways of applying real-world sustainability, sustainable construction and sustainable development strategies for future built environment development.

Industry Consulting Services

Our particular knowledge and experience lies in professional design practice, building science research and construction management. Specific knowledge of the technical and theoretical characteristics of EPS (expanded polystyrene) moulded concrete in domestic scale construction provides unique insight into many critical aspects of the ICF (Insulating Concrete Formwork) and EPS based concrete construction industries, from planning to specific design strategies, construction strategies, policy development, strategic positioning, and marketing and maintenance programs.

We can assist with a wide range of services from specific technical problem-solving to assistance with key aspects of product development and system integration; product perception, market positioning, and targeted information for manufacturing industries, government and regulatory bodies, and the public consumer.

Our knowledge can benefit the Professional Design sectors and wider Construction Industry sectors including material suppliers, product manufacturers, construction, and property developers.

Some specific areas we can provide assistance:

• Product evaluation and application across industry and regulatory sectors

• Product development for core product items

• Contributing and associated product development and refinement

• Manufacturing strategies

• Full or whole-system construction system development and refinement

• Market evaluation

• Market positioning

• Public education

• Professional training

• Logistics development

• BIM integration

• BIM and 3D CAD integration and application at design phases

• Engineering liaison

• Design education

• Sustainable construction strategies

• Performance evaluation

• Trade training and construction methodologies

• Materials flow and life-cycle analyses

• Sustainability and Resilience positioning and assessment

Please feel free to contact us and discuss any needs you may have and how we may be able to develop a program to assist you.